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Cleaner for Spinnerets & Candles of Polyester Film Yearn Units

The company is well known for its Products, Metaclean-635L & Metaclean-735, used for the Cleaning of Spinnerets & Candles of Polyester Film Yearn Units. These products are being successfully used in almost all PFY units in India and abroad.

Surface Activation Chemical

Clients associated with us are engaged in manufacture and supply of high quality Surface Activator. Grain size of Phosphate coating is very important. Less the grain size of phosphate coating, more is the corrosion resistance and less is the phosphating chemical consumption. Surface activators are used for preparing the surface prior to Phosphating to achieve extra smooth, uniform phosphate coating with reduced grain size

Metafix-175 Titanated grain refining agent for smooth, uniform phosphate coating
Titanium based products
Used in very small concentration
Safe to use

Passivation Chemicals

After Phosphating, the metal surfaces are treated with very dilute solution of Passivation Chemical. This rinsing neutralize the residual acidity of the phosphate surface. Apart from this, the Passivation Chemical temporarily seals the pores of the phosphate coating and thus increase the corrosion resistance as well as paint adhesion.

Fosseal-10 & 86 Hexavalent & Trivalent Chromium based Passivating Agent
Chromium based products
Used in very small concentration
Excellent passivation property

Emulsion Cleaner

Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Emulsion Cleaner, which are developed for industrial cleaning using quality components. These products are reach in surfactant and used normally by spray for cleaning of tractor chassis or similar components. This is also widely used for the removal of oil/grease/dirt from shop floor. The team of chemical engineers and quality experts try to maintain the standards to its highest level. Our products are offered at best rates in the market.

Metaclean 211 and 214 Metaclean-211 is a faintly alkaline, solvent based emulsion cleaner used by spray / dip at 25 – 45 0C whereas Metaclean-214 is a faintly acidic, solvent based emulsion cleaner used by spray at 25 – 45 0C for cleaning cum Iron Phosphating purpose.
Faintly acidic / alkaline powerful cleaner
Ideal for cleaning where almost neutral cleaner is required
May be used as an alternate of solvent cleaning

Wire / Tube Drawing Chemicals

Metacoat-6 & 22 Zinc Phosphating Chemical for wire & tube drawing
MetalubeLubricant for drawing M.S., Copper and Aluminum
High corrosion resistance
Helps cold drawing of wire & tube
Lower operating temperature
Higher bath life
Easy operation & bath maintenance
Formulation as per customers requirements