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Phosphating Chemicals

The company has been manufacturing and supplying full range of high quality Phosphating Chemicals to our clients. We offer chemicals for Zinc Phosphating, Manganese Phosphating, Iron Phosphating and Tricationic Phosphating. Our range is acclaimed in the industry for fine formulations and superior quality. We have abilities of making these chemicals available to the clients as per their requirements and at best prices in the industry.

Metacoat-3 Used by brush at Ambient Temp. on galvanized surface for Zinc Phosphate Coating
Metacoat-20For zinc-calcium phosphate coating of class II or class B/C on steel by dip at 65 - 80 deg c
Metacoat-31A 3-in-1 Chemical for Defreasing, Derusting and Iron Phosphating.
Metacoat-40 SSingle pack heavy duty zinc phosphating for class I & class A2 coating on steel
Metacoat-41Heavy duty, black zinc phosphating for class I & class A2 coating on steel
Metacoat-42Heavy duty Zinc Phosphating for class I/II & class A2/B coating on steel
Metacoat-47Tri-cationic Zinc Phosphate Coating on M.S. and galvanized surface at 45 - 55 deg C
Metacoat-51Spray degreasing cum iron phosphating agent
Metacoat-55Room temp. immersion Zinc Phosphating Agent
Metacoat-100Spray Tri-cationic zinc phosphate coating on M.S. and galvanized surface at 40- 500C
Metacoat-111Heavy duty Manganese phosphate coating on M.S. meeting class I & class A-2
TonerAccelerator for zinc phosphating bath

Degreasing Chemicals

We have turned up to be one of the most favoured manufacturers and suppliers of Degreasing Chemicals, which are sourced from industrial clients. The range of products offered by us stands tall to all industrial standards and quality tests. Out products are formulated using best constituent materials and have high abilities of degreasing any metallic surface. We offer these at best rates in the market.

Metaclean: 10, 11,14, 16, 20, MK-20, 58LT and 100 Caustic and non-caustic based Alkaline Soak Cleaners And Electro Cleaners for ferrous and non-ferrous metals used by Dip or Spray at Ambient to 80 deg centigrade
Developed under close quality control and hence reliable
Lower operating temperature
Higher bath life
Safe to use

Derusting Chemicals

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Derusting Chemicals. These chemicals are use in different industries for removal of scales, rusts, welding scales as well as thin film of grease and oil from different surfaces. Using Hydrochloric Acid for rust removal from metals is not at all appreciated or recommended and to help clients in saving their equipment and machines these chemicals are the best solution. Environmentally safe acids are used for manufacturing these chemicals and thus these are safe for use in cleaning applications & prior to phosphating.

Rust Killer: 125, 160, 170, 180, and 250 Rust Killer-125,160, 170, 180 and 250 are Phosphoric Acid based immersion Rust removing agent operated at Ambient to 70 0C and used prior to phosphating and painting
Rust Killer: 625Rust Killer-625 is an organic acid based spot Derusting Agent used by brush / rag in Spray Phosphating production line prior to degreasing and phosphating.
Metacoat-31A 3-in-1 Chemical for Defreasing, Derusting and Iron Phosphating.
Special Features:
Higher bath life
Easy operation & bath maintenance
Following customers’ requirements Taylor made products can be offered